Sensitive data is a major challenge for many companies, and therefore it is often difficult to dispose of used IT equipment!

Therefore, it is essential that you choose a partner which can ensure that corporate data and sensitive personal information is properly and securely deleted.

Npvision Group has its own specially trained staff with years of experience who can delete data on our clients’ and partners’ used IT equipment.

Data deletion partners
For special assignments, Npvision Group uses data deletion partners

We guarantee 100% secure GDPR-compliant data deletion

with years of experience. These partners also naturally use special tools and certified software and are also subject to the data processing agreement drafted by Npvision Group.

Choosing software for data deletion
When deleting data using software, it is not sufficient that the software used can overwrite a hard drive several times. It is crucial that the software addresses entire hard drives, including areas that a PC’s BIOS normally does not allow to be deleted. Therefore, Certus software, among others, is used for data deletion, as this software lives up to the American standard Common Criteria EAL3+/NCSC (NIST).

Degaussing involves exposing a hard drive to a highly magnetic field. This deletes the entire content of the storage device. We use the market’s most powerful degaussers, which have been developed by VS Security. Degaussing is mainly used in cases where the hard drive has physical defects, or if you want ensure data is deleted in the most secure manner.

The hard drive cannot be reused after degaussing!


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