With nearly 100 years of combined IT experience, we have a unique and broad, yet realistic, basis for buying and selling operational used IT equipment!

Because the core competence of Npvision Group is to sell used IT equipment nationally and internationally, a unique and extensive sales network is required – we have built this network up over the past 15 years.

Npvision Group is characterised by having buying and selling options across product groups, manufacturers and total quantities.

Npvision Group buys and sells used IT equipment

This gives Npvision Group the unique advantage of being able to fulfil clients’ and partners’ desires to purchase all used IT products simultaneously or on an ongoing basis.

However, it is our experience that used IT equipment that is more than 5–6 years old rarely has any substantial value. Therefore, we want to be part of the exchange and migration process as early as possible.

In other words:
The sooner companies make a decision about selling used IT equipment, the higher its resale value.

What used IT equipment can be sold?

Basically, we buy all used IT equipment. However, it is a prerequisite that it is operational and reasonably maintained. We have buyers for all of the following types of product, regardless of manufacturer!

Npvision Group is a buyer of used PCs
Used servers can be resold
Npvision Group works with used network equipment
Npvision Group is a buyer of used telephony and tablets
Let Npvision Group buy your used storage and backup equipment
Npvision Group ensures data deletion on used IT equipment

IT equipment for companies

Besides buying used IT equipment, we are also able to supply new IT equipment for your company. The new equipment can, of course, be entirely or partially purchased with the money you receive for your used equipment!

We work with a number of partners who can assist with advice on, and implementation of new IT infrastructures, just as they can offer regular consultancy according to your needs.


Our brands

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