With nearly 100 years of combined IT experience, we have a unique and broad, yet realistic, basis for buying and selling operational used IT equipment!

Because the core competence of Npvision Group is to sell used IT equipment nationally and internationally, a unique and extensive sales network is required – we have built this network up over the past 15 years.

Npvision Group is characterised by having buying and selling options across product groups, manufacturers and total quantities.

Npvision Group buys and sells used IT equipment

This gives Npvision Group the unique advantage of being able to fulfil clients’ and partners’ desires to purchase all used IT products simultaneously or on an ongoing basis.

However, it is our experience that used IT equipment that is more than 5–6 years old rarely has any substantial value. Therefore, we want to be part of the exchange and migration process as early as possible.

In other words:
The sooner companies make a decision about selling used IT equipment, the higher its resale value.

What used IT equipment can be sold?

Basically, we buy all used IT equipment. However, it is a prerequisite that it is operational and reasonably maintained. We have buyers for all of the following types of product, regardless of manufacturer!

Npvision Group is a buyer of used PCs
Used servers can be resold
Npvision Group works with used network equipment
Npvision Group is a buyer of used telephony and tablets
Let Npvision Group buy your used storage and backup equipment
Npvision Group ensures data deletion on used IT equipment

The process

When collaborating with Npvision Group on the sale of your company’s used IT equipment, the process will consist of the following 10 steps:


An employee from Npvision will take part in the clarification phase, when we clarify whether it will be profitable to initiate the process of collecting, processing and selling the company’s used IT equipment.


A formal agreement will be concluded, stating the agreed price of the IT equipment, terms of shipping and the collection date.

The agreement will also state which conditions are to apply if the IT equipment (unexpectedly) is not operational or has cosmetic damage.


The used IT equipment will be collected by one of Npvision’s couriers from one or more agreed addresses.


The used IT equipment will be sorted, registered and tested.


The IT equipment will be set up and prepared for data deletion. Data deletion will be carried out according to our described procedure and standards.

Please refer to separate process descriptions under “data deletion”.


After deleting the data, Npvision Group will issue a comprehensive data deletion report and any separate certificates for each hard drive.


Npvision will destroy faulty IT equipment/defective devices with great consideration for the environment.



The operational and data-cleared used IT equipment will be ready for sale.

This process will naturally also involve the removal of any anti-theft tags and stickers, as well as cleaning the products.


When the used IT equipment is ready for sale, Npvision Group will pay the sellers – making deductions for any defects.


If the company wishes to donate part of the amount through our CSR programme, we issue our CSR certificate.

The “throw-away” culture still prevails!

A pattern of behaviour we need to change – NOW!

Every year, we generate about 40 million tonnes of electronic waste worldwide. This is equivalent to throwing out 800 laptops every second.

E-waste makes up 70% of our total toxic waste.

E-waste contains hundreds of substances, many of which are toxic. These include mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium and flame retardants.

Electronics contain lead, which can damage our central nervous system and kidneys.

A child’s mental development can be affected even by very limited exposure to lead.

The average mobile phone user replaces their device once every 18 months.

Only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled.

85% of our e-waste is sent to incinerators, where it is mostly burned, releasing harmful toxins into the air!

The most common dangerous electronic objects include LCD TVs, plasma TVs, and TVs and computers with cathode-ray tubes.

300 million computers and 1 billion mobile phones are produced annually. This is expected to increase by 8% every year.

The best scenario for the environment …

Extending the life of used IT equipment!

As many companies replace their used IT equipment relatively frequently, it is extremely important that this is done in a sustainable and responsible way.

At Npvision Group, we strive to sell all the IT-related products we pick up from our customers so that they can be used again in their original form. We thereby extend the life of individual products and offer the best possible result for the environment and the companies’ CSR profile, while simultaneously supporting the UN’s climate goals.

Computer recycling is the future

However, not all products can be used again, in which case we guarantee that the equipment is recycled optimally in terms of raw material extraction or as spare parts – all in accordance with ISO 14001. Of course, in addition to its environmental benefits, the circular economy is also extremely interesting in terms of optimising companies’ profits.

A classic Win-Win situation!

UN Global Goal #12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns!

UN Sustainable Development Goal #12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Back in 2015, the UN adopted 17 Global Goals, and goal #12 – “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” – is included in the agenda for sustainable development by the year 2030.

One of the basic ideas is that we must reduce our footprint on nature as soon as possible through the way we produce and consume goods and resources – thereby achieving both economic growth and sustainable development.

Protecting our common natural resources and our methods of disposing of toxic waste and pollutants are both important in achieving this goal.

Therefore, in addition to industry, individual consumers are also encouraged to become more aware of recycling and reducing their waste as much as possible.

Npvision Groups therefore has a responsibility to encourage English companies to adopt the circular way of thinking by selling us their used IT equipment before it no longer represents any real value.

Read more about Npvision Group and sustainability here!

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