Sustainability is a cornerstone of Npvision Group A/S,
and every day we work hard to protect the environment.
Examples of initiatives we have undertaken:


In 2019 we installed LED lighting throughout our premises as a replacement for the original lamps with conventional light sources.

It was a good investment, both in terms of financial costs – but particularly for energy consumption.


As part of the sustainable mindset, the packaging of products sent out from the warehouse is made of almost entirely recycled materials.

We recycle cardboard boxes and packing filler, and we use EU pallets that can be used again and again.


We have selected external logistics partners so that each lorry is fully utilised in relation to cargo capacity and so that distance between collection points is minimised.

In customer cases where special precautions must be taken in relation to safety, we ensure direct transport, with the least possible impact on the environment.


We always strive to book the least polluting mode of transport.

We also co-ordinate the daily transportation of staff to and from work so that employees can plan any customer-related tasks that do not require lorries.

We also use local bike couriers on a regular basis.

ISO 14001

An environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 is based on the company, its processes and its activities and distributes responsibility and competency, as well as describing the environmental tasks in our daily work.

ISO 14001 sets out requirements for the individual elements of the environmental management system that must be fulfilled to achieve certification.

We try to sell all the equipment we collect from our customers so that products can be used again in their original form. The extension of individual products’ service life creates the best possible outcome for the environment.

However, not all products can be used again, and in these cases Npvision Group A/S guarantees that the equipment is optimally reused in relation to the extraction of raw materials or spare parts.

Npvision Group and ISO 14001

Equipment collected and handled by Npvision Group A/S is managed and evaluated with the assumption
that 98% of the total amount will be used and recycled, and equipment without resale value is handled in
accordance with ISO 14001.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible consumption and production is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #12.

The goal is…
By 2030, we must reduce the amount of waste we produce, through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.

According to a UN report from 2017, the amount of electronic scrap is expected to increase to 52.2 million tonnes worldwide in 2021.

80% of CO2 emissions occur during production
The environment also wins when one less IT product is discarded. Especially because 80% of the CO2 emissions from a computer are produced during its actual production. By extending its life, the CO2 footprint is significantly reduced.

Since only about 20% of so-called e-waste is recycled today, e-waste is the fastest growing waste problem in the world.

The latest figures show that only 50 percent of all electronic waste in Denmark is collected and recycled.

Companies are often slow to dispose of their used IT-related products. The equipment slides down through the hierarchy of companies and ends up in storage, where even the intern doesn’t want to make use of the equipment – and then it’s too late. And therefore no one apart from scrap dealers can benefit from the equipment.

Npvision Group A/S wants companies to understand that they can sell their equipment before it is completely worn out or forgotten, and that it can then get new users and thus a new life.

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