We have strengthened our international profile!

15-10-2019 Npvision Group A/S is no longer just a Danish company. We are now also visible to companies in Germany, the UK and Sweden.

Besides these countries, we have just made headlines in Greenland, where we helped the Greenlandic Agency for Digitisation sell their used IT equipment.

Of course, all of this in compliance with the UN Global Goals.

The global goals for sustainable development

Global Goals have created interest in Danish IT company

08.07.2019 UN Global Goals are being increasingly translated into concrete action in Danish companies.

This means Npvision Group, which handles used IT equipment for a number of large Danish companies, is extremely busy… Read more here!

2018 is over, and we are ready for 2019

06.01.2019 A terrific year has just ended at Npvision Group A/S.

We won the “Børsen Gazelle” award again, new employees were welcomed to the company and new clients have come into our business.

In 2018 we focused on GDPR and compliance, and we have complete control of this!

Scrapping IT equipment

22-11-2018 Not all used IT equipment has a resale value. However, as a client of Npvision, you can confidently leave this task to us.

We always destroy unsellable equipment in an environmentally-correct manner, and we also like to assist with the collection of IT equipment which is going to be scrapped.

Npvision Group got the Børsen Gazelle award in 2018

Npvision find success with the sale of used IT equipment

18-10-2018 Npvision Group has created a solid business by winning over customers’ hearts and wallets.

The company has just been named a “Børsen Gazelle Company” for the third year in a row …. Read more here!

Data deletion – Professional and 100% GDPR-secure

15-10-2018 At Npvision Group A/S, we have 100% control of the process for data security.

Data on used IT equipment is deleted using the absolute best products on the market so that we can guarantee 100% that data cannot be recovered.

When data on used IT equipment has been deleted, a report is issued as evidence.

Used IT equipment worth millions is gathering dust in Danish companies

Used IT equipment worth millions is gathering dust in Danish companies

02-10-2018 Used computers, servers and smartphones worth millions of Danish kroner are gathering dust in storage rooms at Danish companies. Many companies overlook … Read more here!

Earn money from your used IT equipment!

21-09-2018 At Npvision Group A/S, we specialise in purchasing and selling used IT equipment.

The procedure is as follows:
» IT equipment is collected by trained personnel in secure lorries.
» Unpacking and counting of your IT equipment
» Data deletion according to the highest current standards
» We pay for the used IT equipment

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