Niels Peter Holm Malling is the owner of Npvision Group A/S

Niels Peter Holm Malling


+45 20 20 65 56

Christian Bøhne is the key account manager at Npvision Group A/S

Christian Bøhne

Key Account manager

+45 30 30 48 55

Francois Hellfritzsch is responsible for purchasing and sales at Npvision Group A/S

Francois Hellfritzsch

Sales & Procurement

+45 30 30 43 19

Kent S. Møller is the sales representative at Npvision Group A/S

Kent S. Møller


+45 20 20 65 63

Jesper Sørensen is responsible for logistics at Npvision Group A/S

Jesper Sørensen

Logistics Manager

+45 30 63 64 46

Lucas Riisgaard Jensen is the logistics assistant at Npvision Group A/S

Lucas Riisgaard jensen


Heidi Tækker is the administrative coordinator at Npvision Group A/S

Heidi Tækker


+45 30 30 41 43

Tina Kok - Npvision Group

Tina Kok

Inside Sales

+45 40 30 73 25

Ole Hansen is responsible for legal and marketing affairs at Npvision Group A/S

Ole Hansen

Legal & Marketing

+45 20 20 65 21

Steen works with SEO, Google Ads & website design at Npvision Group A/S

Steen Mathiassen

SEO, Google Ads & Website Designer

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