At Npvision Group, we believe that we all have a shared social responsibility. We therefore take responsibility to ensure that our company has a strong CSR profile!

We are all responsible for the environment we operate in. By collaborating with Npvision Group on the sale of your company’s used IT equipment, your company is supporting the CSR concept.

At the same time, you are actively helping improve the social conditions of vulnerable groups and supporting the work of researching and combating serious and life-threatening diseases.

Npvision Group goes hand in hand with CSR

This is what CSR gives your company

Npvision Group’s CSR concept is woven out of four excellent ingredients which are all beneficial to your company:

Profitable sales

The company’s used IT equipment can be sold, and it can be sold at a good profit through the appropriate partners – without the company necessarily simultaneously buying new IT equipment.

We sell used IT equipment from companies and public institutions, while also providing all necessary logistics, registration, data deletion and documentation.

Social responsibility

Unfortunately, exercising social responsibility is not yet a matter of course!

With Npvision Group, your company gets the opportunity to think more about the environment that the company is a part of.

Npvision Group’s unique concept is beneficial to your company and its surroundings.

A predetermined amount can be sent directly for a socially responsible purpose which you can help choose when your company sells its used IT equipment to Npvision Group.

Trusting collaboration

The sale of used IT equipment is a matter of trust, and therefore Npvision Group also makes sure to handle IT equipment optimally.

Your company’s used IT equipment is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality when you sell it to Npvision Group.

Therefore, you can confidently place the entire process in the hands of Npvision Group.

Positive image

When you enter into a partnership with Npvision Group for the sale of your company’s used IT equipment, you show that your company thinks about the world in which it operates.

To illustrate and document this to your surroundings, you will receive an icon which can be placed on your website along with descriptive and documenting text.

You will also receive a certificate documenting the CSR efforts you have made in connection with the sale of your used IT equipment.

CSR certificate and icon

After the completion of the sales process to Npvision Group, you may request a CSR certificate and icon for internal use!

Thereby, as a company, you can document the CSR efforts you have made in connection with the sale of your used IT equipment to Npvision Group. In doing so, you are signalling your responsibility for the world we live in as a company.

A copy of the certificate

CSR certificate from Npvision Group

A copy of the CSR icon

CSR certificate icon

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