Npvision Group was founded in 2010 and is owned by Niels Peter Holm, who has a background in the IT industry spanning nearly 20 years.

After many years in the IT industry, Niels Peter saw a business opportunity in used IT equipment!

“After many years associated with different IT distributors in Denmark with a focus on the sale of new products, I saw an opportunity in the market to create value for both customers and one’s company in building a structured concept for buying and selling used, but operational, IT equipment.”

The business model
The business model should focus on a circular economy in the sense that used IT equipment

The history of Npvision Group

could benefit new users, be financially lucrative for sellers, and have a minimal impact on the environment. Niels Peter believed that this business concept was both meaningful and financially rewarding.

The market has exploded
About 10 years after the launch of the above business model, the market for it exploded. As we all know, there is now an enormous focus on our environment (CSR), our ability to recycle, and the permanent financial incentive of resale.

“We are proud and grateful to have a significant influence on this meaningful technological journey. We are convinced that we have only just seen the beginning of the necessary awareness on recycling and thus the resale of used IT equipment.”

Our objective
In 2019, it is Npvision Group’s objective to comply with UN Global Goal 12 (responsible consumption and production). This is a focus area which will support many companies’ ambitions, directed at our common climate responsibility.


It has been important for us from day one to create an organisation where good old-fashioned service is essential.

All profiles in the company therefore have high standards of professionalism and extensive experience within the IT industry.

For the third consecutive year we have achieved a AAA rating. This is of great importance to us as it signals to our stakeholders that our business is sound, stable and worthy of entering into agreements with.


At Npvision Group, we believe that what we do is meaningful and value-adding.

It is vital for us that the tasks we perform are done with care for our shared environment.

We focus strongly on the environment, CSR and finances.

We are greatly inspired by the circular economy – a model which ensures that we can continue to think innovatively, without compromising the planet.


Npvision Group has experienced a constant growth of clients, partners and employees since its startup.

Our solid growth and performance has resulted in a well-run and profitable company.

Moreover, our strong business model has also resulted in Npvision Group being named “Børsen Gazelle” for the third year in a row.


We want to be the natural choice when companies want to sell their used IT equipment.

At the same time, we want to be known for being accessible, trustworthy and discreet.

The natural choice!


We want a close partnership, whether the focus is on the purchase
or sale of used IT equipment.

We use the world market when our partners and clients want to sell their older, but operational, IT equipment. The very same market we use to obtain the products we receive purchase enquiries for.

We are able to sell and source almost all types of IT-related products. We are also a certified partner with a number of selected manufacturers, which gives us many advantages.

At the same time, the global marketplace and the products’ great movability gives us many exciting and different options –
this is one of our focus areas and characteristics.

Our brands

We work with HP We work with IBM We work with Dell We work with Lenovo We work with Adobe We work with Microsoft We work with APC We work with Apple We work with EMC We work with Hitachi